Old Ghost Ultra

It was in a cheap hotel room in Geneva that I entered myself into Old Ghost Road Ultra. 85km ‘f#@$, what have I done?!’ I posted the entry link to my Facebook page so that everyone knew what I’d entered and that way I couldn’t hide from it. I’d have to bloody well do it. Read more about Old Ghost Ultra[…]

The Diary of an Ultra Runner (Post Ultra)

Day 1: Owww. Owwey oww owww. Im walking like a robot. Or someone who dropped the soap in the prison showers. Or a cowboy. NOOOOO stairs.. Hungggrrrryyyyyy, eat all of the savoury stuff. Tired. But I did it!! Woohooooo!! Owww sitting down. Owww getting up. Day 2: Still owww. Oh wait this is a bit Read more about The Diary of an Ultra Runner (Post Ultra)[…]