The 3 in 6

We’ve all got a fun, and crazy friend who plans stuff and brings people together. For myself, and many others Wez is that person.  About 8 months ago Wez dreamed up running 3 of the Great Walks in 6 days and set about planning logistics for it. ‘Yeah I’m in’ I said and paid for Read more about The 3 in 6[…]

The ‘give it a go’ Menstrual Cup experience.

Lately there have been a few ads for Menstrual cups showing up on Facebook and in our girly chat group my doctor friend said ‘Hey Ali, you’re honest and not a super hippy, can you try a Menstrual cup and let us know what you think?’ She was curious as she’d heard lots of good Read more about The ‘give it a go’ Menstrual Cup experience.[…]

Ice, Ice, Baby!

The thing with ‘Science’ is that there are so many differing bits of advice out there.   I read this article which is a fairly convincing argument to dropping the good old R.I.C.E method and instead only icing for a short period after an injury occurs; it also suggests that doing so for a longer Read more about Ice, Ice, Baby![…]

The conversation

I’m a believer that the world is a better place when we communicate openly. You know that feeling that you get when there’s something that’s been bugging you and then you talk about it?  It’s ‘a weight off your shoulders’ – See there’s even a cliche to describe it! This letter to you started the Read more about The conversation[…]