3 Months to go!

What should your biggest run be, and when?

Your long run is your longest run. You know when it is time to make it longer when you finish still feeling fresh. It shouldn’t be some orchestrated number or objective. The target needs to be reflective of your body and how the training load is impacting it.

For some people that might be 15 kilometres and for others it might be 30. It’s easy to get caught up with feeling like you need to hit a certain number to be ready, but the important thing to remember is to keep your eyes on the prize, make it to race day and in the best shape possible. There’s no point overcooking your long run and not making the race start due to an overload injury.

A normal training stress for a weekend long run is about 2 hours when you are up to it. Runs far in excess of this duration have a deliterious effect on your health and impact your ability to train well elsewhere.

So from here, keep pushing the long endurance run and gradually building your weekly volume.

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