The Diary of an Ultra Runner (Post Ultra)

Day 1:
Owwey oww owww.
Im walking like a robot.
Or someone who dropped the soap in the prison showers.
Or a cowboy.
NOOOOO stairs..
Hungggrrrryyyyyy, eat all of the savoury stuff.
But I did it!! Woohooooo!!
Owww sitting down.
Owww getting up.

Day 2:

Still owww.
Oh wait this is a bit better.
Oh no stairs!
OMG so hungry!!!
Strava kudos overwhelm.
That wasn’t so bad, I could go further.
Hmm, what shall I sign up for next?
Shall I run? Oh wait, my joints are clunking.
A car, quick jog across the street. Holy moly that was HARD.
Why is THAT sore? Oh no I hope I’m not injured!
Eat all the food.
Is there anything else I can eat?!

Day 3:
Hey, I feel pretty good.
This walking business is easy. Im not a robot anymore.
Still tired though.
It’s sunny, I want to run.
Hmm that hurts. I hope I’m not injured.
Oh wait that walking isn’t so easy I’m puffed.

Day 4:
Hey, I feel like a normal human again.
I can walk.
My foot feels ok.
Little bit tired still.
Shall I run? Better not.
That wasn’t so bad, perhaps I should run a longer one….

Day 5:

I feel normal again!