Tarawera Ultra Deals!

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Tarawera Ultramarathon12710991_10153456858730677_5156863820470555837_o entries open 11am Wed June 1st and to celebrate SQUADRUN has secured some sweet discounts and deals for our athletes!

To be part of these deals all you need to do is get the outrageous “$20 for 4-weeks coaching” offer* from the TaraweraUltra store when you register for the event.

Healthy RunnerGet Healthier

10% discount on all online purchases at The Healthy Runner We love healthy runner and will be working with them loads more in th
e future.  Expect the HealthyRunner ‘SQUADLOVE’ to become a regular theme.

GetLean_headerGet Leaner
28% discount “Fat-loss for runners” at GetLean
This will be an exciting and targeted new 1-month challenge for the squad-price of $27 (normally $37). Ali and I are really looking forward to having a crack at this and sharing the month long journey with you should you wish to join us in a structured and sustainable assault of excess body fat (eww!)
“This course is specifically for people who are keen to drop a few kg’s of body fat, and keep it off, while still keeping energy levels high for training and performance. Course members will be able to access Fat loss expert Corey Hinde (Masters Degree in Nutritional Science) as much as required in that month to get it just right for them.” – Corey

Get GearBAR Logo
20% off CEP and Icebug #Badassrunner
We’ve been rocking the CEP socks and tights for a few months now and there simply isn’t any better compression gear our there.  As for the Icebugs, Tim Day put them to test on some of Australia’s slipperiest rocks (Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains National Pass).  As a point of reference, no other should came anywhere close to the same level of grip the ‘bugs showed that day.

20% Discount for Kinloch Off Road Challenge for you AND your Family!
The Tarawera Ultra training plans will call for occasional ‘race-simulation’ efforts.
What better way to test your training on 21.1 or 42.2km of picture-perfect Taupo trails?  Join the SQUADRUN circus at another one of our finish-line parties.

TailwindGet Fueled
10% discount on Tailwind – I wouldn’t endorse it if I didn’t believe in it.  Tailwind has been my ‘long-run’ training staple for the last few months and I’m keen to see more of our athletes using it.

Get Training!
SQUADRUN training programmes – 5 plans will be written for Tarawera 2017 to best cater for ALL abilities.Print
Plans will be –

  1. Train to Tarawera 85/100 – Hard. (assumes you can currently train in excess of 60km/w.  Will build to around 100km/w or more)
  2. Train to Tarawera 85/100 – Easy. (assumes you are going to complete the 85/100 and will be able to build up to around 60-70km/w).
  3. Train to Tarawera 60 – Hard (will build to similar volumes as the T2T 85/100)
  4. Train to Tarawera 60 – Easy (starting easy expect to get up to roughly 40-50km/w)
  5. Train to my first Ultra – ‘All abilities’ / ‘starter plan’ for those that will spend most of their day walking. Easier than anything we’ve ever written, this one’s for you mum.

Training volumes are typically dictated by YOU as YOU set the load, we set the intensity.  All of this explained when we start delivering your training.

UltraVesta_FrontGet Packing!

15% off RRP for Ultimate Direction Packs and Seam-sealed Jackets (Why would anyone need a seam-sealed jacket?)Fenix HP 12

Get lumens!

15% off RRP on Fenix Headlamps and Hand Torches.  Seriously the BEST lighting gear on the market.


*4 weeks coaching for $20 is available for the month of June (start when you want) and on offer to ‘new’ athletes only and is a non-refundable TRIAL.