November 14, 2016



SQUADRUN is many things but first and foremost a coach-led running community.  It’s not for everyone but it is probablyProgramme something for almost everyone.

It’s a passionate group of people sharing their experiences and supporting one another on their journey to fitness.
It is also a carefully constructed training system which delivers the best possible ‘low-cost, high-subscription’ based coaching tailored specifically for you.
It’s massive ‘in-flight’ support for you on race day with encouragement and support from countless fellow ‘squaddies’ repping the ‘jet planes’.
It is training plans for those that want more from the training time investment without “taking yourself too seriously” (though, you can if you want, it works if you’re Mr/Mrs serious pants too).
Perhaps best of all, it’s just $10 per week.  You wont find a cheaper coach with a better programme (for you) and a more supportive community.


SQUADBABES – Photo credit Allan Ure Photos4Sale


It’s a complicated series of pulleys and levers, maths, numbers and a spirited hamster named Frank (some of this actually true).  Basically the training is a ‘priority based’ series of runs delivered weekly that are specific to your fitness.  Choose as few as 2 training runs per week or as many as 7.  We give you the right training intensity, while we guide you to establish the correct training volume.  Accompanying ‘coaches notes’ to help you understand what it is you’re doing and why.


Also surprise mid-race hugs


EVERYONE.  Literally everyone.  Squaddies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and physical abilities.  Part of the ‘magic’ is that we made it so it works for ANYONE and we’ll treat you equally regardless.  We love those ‘Top guns’ shooting for a podium just as much as we love those smiling first-timers power-walking their way toward our famous finish line hugs.  And everyone in between!

There is nothing exclusive about what we do and everyone with a positive attitude is welcome.  SQUADRUN continues to grow at an incredible rate for good reason.  We’re inclusive, we’re genuine, we don’t take it too seriously so that it stops being fun, we do what we promise and so much more.

We want to see you succeed!  Contact Ali or Kerry to find out more.