November 23, 2015

Train 2 Rotorua Marathon 2017

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50-something years of lapping the lake and still going strong!  Whether it’s your first time rockin the lake or your first time trying to get around, SQUADRUN has the marathon plan for you.

We spent a little time on this one considering the rigors of this unique run to allow for those taxing Hamurana Hills and the brutal slog home past the airport into town.

example programme only

This Marathon plan is customizable and gives you the control to plan your training around your busy life while detailing the important runs by priority so you never miss what matters most.  I will ensure all the intensities are tailored to your specific fitness and ability and guide you through the essentials of making the programme work right for you.

At only $10/w the “Train to Target: Rotorua Marathon” represents exceptional value far beyond the basic programme.

  • Get 1-7 runs per week specific to your fitness
  • Join the exclusive SQUADRUN community
  • Group Discounts and special offers
  • Access to your coaches Kerry and Ali

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