May 29, 2024

Train to Ultra-trail Australia

SQUADRUN and Ultra-trail Australia: A Partnership Built on Success

SQUADRUN is incredibly proud to be the affiliated coaching partner for the 2025 Ultra-trail Australia (UTA). As the event celebrates its 16th year, we mark our 9th year as the trusted coaching program for UTA. What an incredible 2024 it was! SQUADRUN boasted a finish rate nearly NINE TIMES the event average.

What It Means to Be the Trusted Affiliated Coaching Partner

The UTA team values our deep understanding of Ultra-trail Australia and our expertise in helping participants achieve their goals. They know that a structured training approach, coupled with a supportive network, is essential for success. This is why they have partnered with us, ensuring you have the best chance to succeed.


SQUADRUN is a leader in delivering high-quality, bespoke training programs tailored to help you achieve your UTA goals. Our weekly training plans are personalized, designed to provide the right training intensity for the Ultra-trail Australia. But SQUADRUN is more than just a training program; it’s Australasia’s largest coach-led running community. We have a vast network of runners across Asia-Pacific sharing their training journeys.

Ali and I pride ourselves on being some of the most contactable and supportive running coaches in the industry. Alongside our coaching, you’ll enjoy benefits from numerous affiliated partners, discounts, training camps, group runs, and much more.

Already a Member of Another Club or Group?

SQUADRUN is not an exclusive club. We encourage you to participate in your recreational activities however you choose. Wear your local trail running cap one day and a SQUADRUN bandanna the next. Utilize all available resources and offers to foster your training and love for the sport. If another coach has a training camp you want to attend—go for it! If you see us at an event, come say hi! We’re inclusive, fun, and welcome anyone of any ability. The last thing the trail running community needs is fragmented, exclusive groups. We’ve seen that mindset elsewhere, and it’s not for us.


Everywhere! Your training plan is delivered online, and we support you remotely. We frequently travel, and it’s likely we’ll spend quality time together before you toe the line in mid-May. You’re never alone with the SQUADRUN family, with hundreds of fellow “squaddies” across Australasia. You’re sure to find local connections to share your training journey, and we’ll gladly facilitate group runs in your area.

Hugs and High-Fives

We’ll be there when you finish. No SQUADRUN athlete gets left behind! Ali and I will be there to see you start, track your progress live, and cheer you on until you safely return from the wilds. Get coached by SQUADRUN and enjoy 50% more finish line hugs (there’s two of us).

With so many SQUADRUN runners and walkers in the event, expect a massive amount of shout-outs and support on your journey to the finish line. Be part of the family and feel the SQUAD-love!

Who Is This For? – “Real People, Extraordinary Goals”

Literally everyone. SQUADRUN caters to the everyday athlete—from the tail end to just shy of the podium. The average SQUADRUN athlete is a 42-year-old, 72kg mum, but our community is diverse. We’ll help you improve your time, tackle your first 100km, or make a go of your 22km trail run.

Will the Train to UTA Plans Work for Me?

No. You need to work for you. Regardless of how much you pay a coach, it’s ultimately you who has to lace up and do the training. We’re here to support and guide you, but the commitment must come from you.

That said, if you commit to regular and consistent training with our “Train to UTA” plans, you will see significant success. Our high athlete retention speaks to the effectiveness and value of our service. If you want a testimonial, join our trail and ask any member why they love being part of our family.

Who This Won’t Work For

Train to UTA won’t work for those who don’t want to do the training. Don’t sign up for an Ultramarathon if you’re not committed to it. There’s a discipline component to training, but more importantly, there must be a fundamental desire to do it.

Facebook – We.Are.Family…

Our Facebook community is a juggernaut of running advice, fun personalities, and supportive, beautiful humans. It’s hundreds of real people celebrating their passion for the sport. You may come for the $15 (+GST) per week training plan, but you’ll stay for the community.

Interaction on Facebook is optional. Many athletes watch and read information shared there. If you prefer complete autonomy, that’s fine too, but keep in touch with Ali and me for any help or support you need.

Start When You Want To

Entered the Ultra but not ready to start training? No worries. Begin your training when you’re ready. We advise starting early, but we understand you might need time. Let us know when you’re ready, and we’ll help you get going.

How It Works

Your biggest initial challenge will be understanding the training plan. Remember this: read the FAQs and take your time. It’s a priority-based training plan you can fit into your busy life, explained clearly in the FAQs.

Ali and I will help you get started. If you need help or support, just ask! Coaching is a two-way street.

Your Priorities Matter to Us

Running isn’t the only thing in your life. Family and work come first, as they should. Running should be fun, and we aim to keep it that way.

We have only three rules at SQUADRUN:

  1. No Injuries – Let’s avoid this at all costs.
  2. Have Fun! – That’s why you do it.
  3. Run – Get some training in.

Training Camps

SQUADRUN holds Ultra-trail Australia training camps in March/April, which are popular and sell out quickly. We also do regular group runs on the course for SQUADRUN members.

Sign Me Up!

Yes! Jump in and grab a discounted training trial via our webstore.