Nutritional consultation with Hamish Johnstone

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Qualified Sport Dietitian for advice on Recovery and training nutrition, weight management, race nutrition strategies and more.

Hamish Johnstone Nutrition
Dietitian, sport nutritionist and diabetes specialist dietitian.

Hamish Johnstone is a Dietitian, sport nutritionist and diabetes specialist dietitian based in Auckland.
At Hamish Johnstone Nutrition, I can fit into your schedule, at your convenience by having a consultation using webcam or phone. If you would like to meet for a traditional face to face appointment this can also be arranged.  I cover:
Sport Nutrition

  1. Nutrition for endurance events
  2. Nutrition to reach performance goals
  3. Optimising body composition for competition
  4. Increasing Muscle mass
  5. Monitoring Hydration status and fluid requirements
  6. Making weight for competition
  7. Vegan and vegetarian nutrition

Weight loss or weight gain

  1. Losing body fat
  2. Increasing Muscle mass
  3. Gaining size the right way 
  4. Keeping you healthy and feeling good while reaching your weight goals

Available for face to face consultation in Auckland or thanks to the interweb consult via email and/or phone/facetime.

When booking an appointment with Hamish Johnstone Nutrition you can get:

  1. A full nutritional analysis of your current diet,  revised to help you achieve your goals
  2. A meal plan guide that is practical, easy to follow and tailored to your individual needs
  3. Up to date, cutting edge, science based nutritional advice, with plans and information emailed and/or mailed through to you
  4. Anthropometric measures can be done to measure skin folds and track body composition (this can only be done in a face to face consult)
  5. Hydration monitoring in training and events if needed
  6. Follow up appointments and support as needed

As a SQUADRUN athlete you get $20 the regular price.  Contact Kerry, Ali, or Hamish for the discount code.

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